Nessie RB's Diary 2013


Celebrated the New Year in Japan after ten years!!

Osechi meals looked fresh to me!!





January 13th

Enjoyed lunch time with Mishi, Yoko san,

and Yoko san's newborn baby Marina chan : )







I can't stop eating these days!

Why so many tasty meals in Japan!?
















At a stylish cafe in Takamatsu city with my old friend, Mishi : )

So many lovely restaurants and cafes have been opened in centre of Takamatsu city. Wow!!

I'm looking forward to coming back here to do cafe hunting!







February 2nd

I walked around in a cheerful downtown of South Osaka city,

"Shinsekai (New World)" with my beautiful Japanese friend, Megumi san.

Megumi san & I enjoyed a variety of Kushikatsu : )

Kushikatsu (deep-fried pork, fish, vegetables etc. on skewers)

are specialties of Shinsekai

Natto Sushi & Deep fried Ice-cream were impressive!! Yummy!!!









At Tsutenkaku Tower




March 2nd

With My sister & Niece at Vietnamese Restaurant





March is my sister's birth month,

so the restaurant served her a birthday cake as a birthday gift.

What a lovely service!!




An Impressive Press Photo Exhibition


Remembering March 11th

Great East Japan Earthquake- "

was held at OXO Tower Wharf in London.



March 12th


We visited Portsmouth & The Isle of Wight for house hunting.


Memorial Photo of Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth

Darren looks nice! I look just idiot!!

I'm like a ghost behind him : (



It was sooooooo cold!!

"Is it really mid-March!? Like mid-winter!!"






Lord Nelson is a symbol of this place too.





You can enjoy the majestic sea views of southern part

of England from Spinnaker Tower




Did you watch the movie, "Hitchcock?"

It's amazing that Scarlett Johansson

looks like real Janet Leigh in this movie!

Worth watching, especially to Hitchcock and Psycho fans : )

By the way, do you know if Hitchcock appears in the movie, "Psycho?"

I've watched "Psycho" five times but I haven't found Hitchcock Cameo Appearance in "Psycho" yet!!



March 17th

Happy St. Patrick Day!!






I paid £2.70 for a small packet last month.

And, this month, I had to pay £5.65 for a same sized small package!!!

Over twice!!

I can't easily follow this crazy postage increase : (




Happy Birthday Darren!!

We celebrated his XXth Birthday

at Chinese restaurant in the Isle of Wight.
This afternoon, we just found our next place to live in this island!!

"Cheers for Darren's Birthday & Our Happy New Place!!"






Darren and I enjoyed wonderful Dim Sum in London Chinatown.

The level of Chinatown in London is high, I think!! Dim Sum portions served at "Dim Sum Palace" in the Chinatown are brilliant!!!

If you like Chinese meals, I highly recommend you

to taste Dim Sum here when you visit London : )





We found an artistic statue of Agatha Christie

in center of the City of London.

Very impressive to me since I'm a dedicated fan of Christie!!

It must have been build very recently.

Something new appears in London one after another

and entertains both Londoners and tourists.

I feel a bit sad that I'll be far away from London soon.




Mysterious statue in London

Doesn't it look like Darren somehow???




Less than a week before the removal

I've packed most of my stuff.

I can feel relieved now!

No! I can't!! Last night, after taking a bath,

I noticed I'd packed all my clothes including underclothes.

How idiot I am!!

I needed to unpack boxes to find them : (



This morning, the clatter of washing machine

from next-door neighbor woke me up.

It's still 6:00 am.

I've been annoyed by noise from the next-door neighbor

since I moved here.

Almost 8 looooooong years!!!!

Until the last, they kept me awake!!
Patient, patient!!

I can escape from here day after tomorrow!!!

My next house is very small but detached and Victorian style.
Peaceful and quiet new life will be waiting for me!!!



May 30th of Ten years ago of this day, I left America for Britain.

I was excited to think about my whole new life in Britain,

but also I felt sad to leave from my favorite country, America :(

"I will come here again soon!" I said to my friends in America,

but 10 years have passed already!

I wonder when I will be able to go to America next time!

May 30th of this year--I'll move to a new place again to start new life.

I wonder what my next decade will be!

Anyhow, I want to try many things

and I want to visit many countries including America!



Removal people refused to carry any pets.

It means Darren and I have to carry our FAT, HEAVY cats

from London to the Isle of Wight by ourselves!!! Whew--!!!

Does somebody know the quickest way to reduce their weight????


Our First Step for the New Life!!

We are just entering our new place, the Isle of Wight

with our two cats!!







-- First Day in Our New House --

Removal people just piled up all our packages

in the living room and left.

We couldn't even see the floor L

There is no place to put a foot down!!






Our new life in the Isle of Wight has finally started!!



Our new place is just five-minute walk from the beach.

We often enjoy walking around the esplanade.

So relaxing and views are brilliant, especially at sunset time!









I have begun to feel heavy about my birthday recently

(Does it make sense???),

but birthday messages from friends still make me feel happy!!



On my birthday, Darren and I went to Garlic Field

(also called Garlic Farm) in Isle of Wight

and celebrated my XXth birthday there.

Sounds healthy, doesn't it!!??

I hope I can have healthy XX year old life! Garlic Field is lovely place to anybody, especially to people, who love Garlic!
















--June 24th--

Today is 7th anniversary of adopting Salem & Samantha : )

When they came to our place, they were tiny, slim, pretty kitties.

Now they are big and "FAT" adult cats.

Of course, they are still pretty though!



Today, June 30th is our 10th marriage anniversary.
We were supposed to go to Belgium for the second honeymoon

and have romantic time.
However, the expense ran up for moving

and finding next place to live unexpectedly.

And what is worse, money was not back

from the mortgage company at all (even not one penny!!).

Both our plan and money has just flown away to the sky...
Hope we can go on our second honeymoon next year!





Did you enjoy night sky on Milky Festival Day (July 7th)??

I wanted to see starlit sky that day, so I looked up at the sky around 10:00pm, but sky was still slightly bright even that time

and I didn't see any stars......
Summertime is great, but I sometimes miss beautiful starry sky in summer I often enjoyed in Japan.

That night, I just tried to imagine majestic Milky Way...



Views of Seaside Town, Ryde











If you like Robot animations from 70s & 80s,

you surely can enjoy the movie "Pacific Rim"!!

This movie reminded me of a lot of Japanese robot animations

I enjoyed in my childhood : )

Did you already watched? If so, I'd love to hear your impressions : )

I liked the movie a lot!! Four stars!!




"Osborne House"

One of the most popular tourists' spots in the Isle of Wight : )

When you visit Osborn House,

you can see why Queen Victoria really loved this island.





















August 1st is our official marriage anniversary.

We celebrated our 10th "official" marriage ceremony at very artistic Victorian pub in West Cowes.

Darren and I had our family wedding ceremony on June 29th and had our official marriage ceremony at a registry office on August 1st, so we celebrate our marriage ceremony twice a year.

Are we greedy??

10 years passed very quickly!






Views of East Cowes











Grand Medieval Joust at Carisbrooke Castle -August 6th-










Back to the 80Õs!! August 10th

I joined the outdoor concert, "Jack Up the 80's"

with my friend, Maricris with her co-workers, and enjoyed songs by great chart-topping bands from 80's such as "BOOTLEG BLONDIE",

"Doctor & The Medics", and "Bad Manners" etc.

80's are equal to my school days.

While the concert I began to think,

"If only I could return to the days of my youth"














Briddlesford Lodge Farm

You can enjoy lovely handmade sweets at the farm cafe.

Also, you can get fresh farm products here : )





Special exhibitions of Classic Cars from the World

at Esplanade of Ryde, Isle of Wight






It seems that all we've got accustomed to this new place : )






October is called "Kannazuki" in Japan.

It can be translated literally as

"The month without gods"

It is said that the eight million gods of Japan

including famous seven gods "Shichifukujin" left their shrines

to go to Izumo Taisha.

Does it mean that devils can easily come to

the human world this month!!??

I feel somehow this situation is similar to Halloween

since any kinds of ghosts & mythical creatures

can land on the earth during this season!

What do you think??



With Fat Sam



Happy Halloween!!



Halloween Views of the Isle of Wight

Carisbrooke Castle,

At Traditional Styled Cafe in Newport

and Ryde












At the night of the end of British summer time, most of British people must have enjoyed extra an hour sleep!

I, of course, enjoyed it on the warm bed : )

However, Darren had to work for the night, unfortunately : (

He had to go on patrol in the dark wet wood

for standard 8 hour + extra an hour!

I felt guilty somehow about that ( although I slept well that night)





Salem likes taking a rest on Darren's Arm!

Salem "It's comfortable!!"

Darren "It's Heavy!!"




Happy Thanksgiving

to all my friends in America!!



I learnt about American Thanksgiving Day

from PEANUTS when I was a primary school student.

I'd begun to dream of having Thanksgiving dinner

in America since then...

In the last year of the 20th century, 1999,

my dream finally came true!!





Christmas Parade at Ryde










Christmas Views of Ryde











Darren's first challenge to make dumpling pancakes.

It went so well!!! The ball pancakes were very yummy!!!

Next time, I'll try to make Takoyaki with this machine.






Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas

and A Happy New Year!!



Japanese fashioned Season greeting card

from my Japanese friends, Miwako san : )

So lovely!!



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