The cherry blossoms bloom at the beginning of April in many places of Japan,

and many people start enjoying “Ohanami.”
“Ohanami” refers to an outing in the spring

to view cherry blossoms in full blooms.


People enjoy having their special lunch boxes

and also often have a drinking party under the trees.
Cherry blossoms fall soon after blooming and remain

at the peak of their beauty for only a few days,

so famous cherry blossoms spots are thronged

with people during this time.



April 29th is former Emperor’s Birthday, one of the national holidays.
We used to celebrate his long reign on this day.
This day is called, “Showa no Hi (Showa Day)” now.





A variety of traditional events are held in Kyoto during April.
“Miyako Odori” is one of the most famous and popular events.
“Miyako Odori” literally means, “Dance of the Capital)
It is the traditional dance performed
by Maiko and Geiko of Gion Kobu in Kyoto.

The brilliant performances make people feel happy
with beautiful four seasons of Japan.
A lot of people not only from Japan but also from all over the world

go to the Gion theatre to enjoy Miyako Odori.


If you would like to know more detail of Miyako odori

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People can enjoy various colourful and tasty traditional sweets
during this season such as Ohanami Dango (Dumplings for Cherry Blossom Viewing),

Sakura mochi (Cherry Blossom Rice Cake), Uguisu Mochi (Rice Cake in the colour of bush warbler)
At many traditional fashioned cafes in sightseeing spots,
people can enjoy having these sweets with a cup of

Japanese green tea or green powdered tea.



From the left: Ohanami dango, Uguisu Mochi,

Sakura Mochi (South Area Style and Kanto Region Style),

and Tea Set served at Kyoto Kiyomizu Temple





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