Changing to Summer Uniforms:




In Japan, people change their clothes in June and October.
They change the winter clothes to summer ones in June.



Japanese Rainy Season: Tsuyu

Rain prevails over the most part of Japan except Hokkaido
for about a month in June.
This season is called “TSUYU”
The farmers plant out the rice taking advantage of the rain in this season.





Teru Teru Bozu


The rainy season “TSUYU” is essential for growing rice and very important to farmers,

but children sometimes feel a little negative about this long rainy season

since they cannot play with friends outside and some children make Teru Teru Bozu.

A Teru Teru Bozu is a small handmade paper doll,

which children usually hang under the eaves the day before an outing,

hoping for good weather.





Hydrangea: Ajisai

Representative flower of June in Japan is Hydrangea.
Hydrangeas come into full bloom and many flower shops sell beautiful hydrangeas

in colours of light blue, purple, pink and so on.



Hydrangea Temple: Ajisai-Dera



There are many temples that visitors can enjoy beautiful hydrangeas.
These temples are called “Ajisai-dera (Hydrangea Temples)


Many Japanese confectioneries sell sweets in the shapes of hydrangeas.



Chagu Chagu Umako


One of most famous and traditional Japanese festivals in June is

“Chagu Chagu Umako”


Chagu Chagu Umakko is a horse festival in Iwate prefecture.
Held on the second Saturday in June, approximately one hundred horses

with colourful fittings and bells parade between Sozen Shrine

in Takizawa and Morioka Hachimangu.
The term chagu-chagu is an onomatopoeic expression
for the sound made by the horses' bells.




Loved one-and-loved one Rocks

and the Summer Solstice


The couple of small rocks in the sea off Futamigaura in Mie prefecture are called,

“Loved one-and-loved one Rocks” in English.

In the morning of the summer solstice,

the sun appears to rise
between the rocks!!
The view is romantic…and the morning sun looks like a symbol of LOVE!!




June Brides



It is believed that June brides can have happy marriage lives.



Many Japanese ladies want to have wedding ceremonies in June.




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