Cultural Day


November 3rd is Culture Day, one of Japanese National Holidays.
This national holiday meant to celebrate the development of Japanese culture.


Around Culture Day, cultural or art festival are held throughout the country.




At many junior high schools, high schools and universities,

students hold Cultural Festival (It is called Bunkasai) around Cultural Day.
Students display their artistic achievements in classrooms and at gymnasiums,

and also they serve various handmade meals at food booths at playgrounds.




Schichi Go San Festival



On November 15th, we have a “Shichi Go San” festival

for the seven, five and three year old children.
(Shichi is seven, Go is five and San is three in Japanese.)



On this day, boys of five and girls of three and seven visit

a Shrine in their best clothes (mainly Kimono) with their parents.
They thank to the guardian deities for having children grown up

to their critical ages, and also pray for the happy future.




Candies called, “Chitose Ame” are sold on this occasion.
“Chitose” means one thousand years.
Parents give the candies to their children in the hopes

that they will live long and happily.





Labour Thanksgiving Day



November 23rd is Labour Thanksgiving Day.
Japanese people honour the value of labour, and respect the workers.




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