The chrysanthemum exhibitions



In October, chrysanthemums are in full bloom.
They hold the chrysanthemum exhibitions here and there in the parks.






Finding Tasty things in Autumn



Persimmon trees in the garden full with fruits.
In the hills, mushrooms are coming out of the earth.
People enjoy picking chestnuts, hunting mushrooms,

and digging potatoes in the hills or on the mountains.






Taiiku no Hi (Health-Sports Day)



Second Monday of October is Taiiku no Hi (Health-Sports Day), one of the National Holidays.
This National was set up in commemoration of the opening day of the Tokyo Olympic Games.
This National Holiday was set aside to encourage the nation to enjoy sports.
The autumn athletic meetings are held on or around Health-Sports Day.






Autumn Festivals in Japan



During this season, traditional autumn festivals are held in various places of Japan.


The Jidai Matsuri (Festival of the ages) held in Kyoto on October 22nd is
one of Kyoto's renowned three great festivals, with the other two being the Aoi Matsuri,

held annually on May 15, and the Gion Matsuri.
It is a festival enjoyed by people of all ages,

participating in its historical reenactment parade dressed in authentic costumes

representing various periods, and characters in Japanese feudal history.


In the mid October, the festival called Marimo Matsuri (Marimo Fesrival) is held

to welcome the lake fairies at Lake Akan in Kushiro, Hokkaido

(Marimo is considered as lake fairies among Ainu people in Hokkaido).
Marimo in the baskets look something cute!!







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