Japanese Autumn



It is comfortable during Japanese autumn.
It is a good season, so it called, “the autumn for appetite”,

“the autumn for sports”, and “the autumn for arts.”
Tree leaves turn to red and yellow.

People visit sightseeing spots which they can enjoy viewing

beautiful autumn colours.






Full-Moon Viewing



Japanese people enjoy the moon when she is full in mid-September.
On that night, they decorate a stand with pampas grass and autumn flowers.
We offer dumplings to the moon.
Forgetting modern science, we admire a beautiful full-moon.





The shadows look like rabbits pounding Mochi (rice-cakes),

so it is said that rabbits are living on the moon in Japan.




Tasty Season


People can find a variety of tasty things during this season

such as Sanma (saury pike), Yakiimo (baked Satsuma potatoes),

Mattake gohan (Steamed rice flavoured Mattake mushrooms),

Kurigohan (Steamed rice with chestnuts) and so on.







Many people go to mountains or wood to pick up vegetables or fruits by themselves.

You can hunt or pick countless vegetables or fruits in the nature

such as Mattake mushroom, chestnuts, Japanese pears, Satsuma potatoes,

Mikan (Satsuma oranges), Kaki (Japanese persimmons) bamboos and so on.




Keirou no Hi: Respect for the Aged Day



Third Monday of September is Respect for the Aged Day”,

one of the national holidays.
On this day, we express our thanks to the aged,

for they have made many contributions to today’s culture.
At the same time, people pray for their long life.


Many children give presents to their grandparents.
Items with designs of crane and tortoise are popular as the presents

since crane and tortoise are considered auspicious animals

that symbolize longevity and happiness.




Kind to Animal Week



In Japan, kind to animal week is from September 20th to 26th.

During this week, many events are held to teach people

how they can keep good relationship with animals.




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