The Isle of Wight

Photo Collection 2014

Part 4


Scooter Rally



Isle of Wight Scooter Rally Season has come this summer too!!
The friendly scooterists have been coming to the Isle of Wight every August bank holiday

for over ten years and the rally seems to get bigger each year.
Their rallies make people feel HOT again before the end of summer!!


Our Cats

Salem & Samantha






Halloween!! Booooooo!!!







British Antiques



Coca-Cola in Bottles!? It looks a tin to me!!



The Royal Victoria Arcade


The Royal Victoria Arcade is one of the best places

in the Isle of Wight to find antique & traditional items.

Old magazines and records, War-time goods, historical celebrities' belongings.....

You can feel old days here....



Antique Shop Atelier


Atelier is a new antiques and collectables shop in Victoria Arcade, Ryde.

Our favourite shop!!

"Are you 'ladies who lunch' and looking for that cushion to compliment your lounge decor.....

or are you into something a little more 'urban vintage' and industrial?

Why not pop into our little shop and browse the carefully selected stock of repro, retro,

vintage, industrial, steampunk, and antiques."

The shop owner of Atelier is very friendly!!

We often enjoy having a chat with her : )



Our new tea table!!

We found it at an old antique shop.

20! Lovely Price!!






At Ryde Esplanade, a little girl was selling her hand painted stones.

"Each Stone is 1!! Good buys!!"

Ohhh!! She is a highly business0minded girl!!

I bought a Union Jack painted stone from her.



That day, I also bought an Oriental Styled Cup

with patterns of Cats at a Boots Sale.

The cup was also 1!!



Christmas Season




Ryde Town Square

Queen Victoria enjoys Christmas Tree every year here : )


A Big Rein Deer at Busy Bee.

It reminded me of the Big Deer at London Covent Garden.






Lovely Christmas Displays at the Royal Victoria Arcade!








Ryde Pier Square



Ryde Pier Station


Christmas Party House!?

No! It's a Fish and Chips Shop!!







Instead of Turkey with Stuffing, we enjoyed Darren's favourite Katsu Curry

and had some biscuits as Christmas sweets on Christmas Day.

Very simple Christmas Dinner!!








On Boxing Day, our next door neighbour, Rosemary, invited us for afternoon tea!!

We enjoyed her handmade turkey sandwiches, mince pies, cheesecakes and so on,

and talked various matters : ) What a lovely afternoon!!





Thank you for the lovely season greeting cards, everybody!!




Thank you very much for visiting our Photo Collection!!


Darren & Nessie




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