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Sherlock Holmes




I, Nessie, was back in Britain from Japan on June 10th after two months,

and on June 14th I was able to have a celebration of my birthday with Darren in London.

It was a lot of fun to walk around the City and taste British traditional meals in a long while.

This day, Darren and I enjoyed learning about King and Queen of the mystery from Britain,

Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie.

First, we visited the Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street,

and then enjoyed the murder mystery play by Agatha Christie,

“The Mousetrap” at St. Martine’s Theatre.

It was really lovely birthday!! (June 30th, 2010)



At St. Paul’s Garden, roses were blooming all over the place.


Mr. Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe was just opened on Fleet Street.

If you have a sweet tooth, you must visit this place.




At The Pie Shop at the Covent Garden, you can find a variety of British traditional pies.

Sometimes you can enjoy live music while having the meal!




The Sherlock Holmes Museum


The Sherlock Holmes Museum is a popular privately-run museum in London,

dedicated to the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.

The opening of this museum to the public on 27th March (Oh! My sister’s birthday!)

1990 was an event, which should have happened several decades ago.





“Elementary, my dear follow!!” You might be able to hear his famous word, here!!


Holmes or Moriarty? That’s the question!!


You can see Holmes’s belongings.

Many people in the world believe that Holmes was (or is) a real person.

Every day letters for him arrive at this museum.


Detective are often more famous than the writers who create them.

Do you know who wrote Sherlock Holmes stories?

It’s me, Arthur Conan Doyle.

I should have been (or should be) more famous than Holmes!!!




Some of exhibitions look creepy and dangerous!!


Oh! Is this a calendar from Holmes’s period??

It tells my birth date : )











At the each floor, you find figures, which show Holmes’s stories.

If you can guest the right all stories, you must be a Sherlockian.





“The Hound of the Baskervilles” must be one of the most well known Sherlock Holmes stories.

The ghostly black huge dog is probably scarier than any other criminals in Holmes stories.


Holmes’s bathroom is stylish!! Maybe this style is for Holmes’s woman clients!?


You might be able to hear a greeting from the page boy.

“Welcome” or “Thank you! Please visit us again!!”



The Sherlock Holmes Museum

221b Baler Street London NW1 6XE

Open every day 9:30am to 6:30 pm

You can check more details about the museum


Just five minute walk from the Tube Station, Baker Street





at St. Martin's Theatre





St Martin's Theatre is a West End theatre, located in West Street,

near Charing Cross Road, in the London Borough of Camden.

Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap" transferred in March 1974 - it is still there,

now holding a World Record.

The theatre was Grade II listed by English Heritage in March 1973.



Blue plaque on the front wall of St Martin’s Theatre was displayed

when the play had its the 50th Anniversary Performance at the theatre.





On my birthday, 23980th performance of The Mousetrap was played!!




At the theatre, you can get a souvenir book, which tells theatrical history.




The Mousetrap opened in the West End of London in 1952,

and has been running continuously since then.

The original West End cast included Richard Attenborough as Detective Sergeant Trotter

and his wife Sheila Sim as Mollie Ralston.


Richard Attenborough as Detective

and Shelia Sim as Molie Ralston in the original 1952 production.



Ben Goddard as Detective and Sasha Waddell as Molie Ralston in the 58th play.




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