Charms of Agatha Christie

in Devon


The Queen of Mystery, Agatha Christie,

spent the happiest years of her life

in South Devon and there are a variety of fascinating spots,

which are related with her here.


The Agatha Christie Mile in Torquay!!

This unique trail takes in many of the places that have a very close association

with the Queen of Crime! Each of the Christie Spots at the seaside of Torquay is

marked with a specially designed plaque.


Starting at the Grand Hotel, where Christie spent her honeymoon,

you will wend your way round the Bay to the luxurious Imperial Hotel

that appears several times in her novels.

Travel back in time to a more glamorous era as you follow in the footsteps of

Torquay’s most famous lady!!



1 The Grand Hotel





Christie and her first husband spent their one-night honeymoon here.




2 Princess Pier



Roller skating was one of Christie’s passions as a young girl.
She and her friends spent hours of fun chatting up and down the pier.


3 Princess Garden




Christie spent many happy hours

in this beautiful Victorian styled garden

throughout her youth.


4 Torquay Pavilion




This pavilion opened as a grand concert hall in 1912.

Christie regularly attended classical concerts here.


On January 4th, Christie was proposed by Archie

after she enjoyed a Wagner concert here.
Today, the pavilion is popular among tourists as a shopping centre.



5 Agatha Christie Bust




This unique bronze sculpture was unveiled by Agatha Christie’s daughter,

Rosalind on her 100th birthday, September 15th 1990.
Must see statue to Christie fans!



6 The Strand




When Christie was growing up, The Strand was where you would hop on a tram

or pick up a stagecoach, or shop at the best shops in Torquay.



7 Torquay Museum




This museum, which contains Agatha Christie gallery,

was opened in 1876 and is the oldest museum in Devon.

The fascinating gallery includes her life in pictures,

with private photo albums including rare images of the writer and her family.
There are many of her books, including first editions, as well as memorabilia.



Books about Agatha Christie published in Various countries

are exhibited at the Agatha Christie Gallery.

 "Agatha Christie's 99 Mysteries" published in Japan is one of them.



8 Royal Torbay Yacht Club




Christie’s father spent a lot of time here.
He was a popular member and outside cricket season spent

many happy hours here

playing whist and relaxing with friends.



9 Beacon Cove




Agatha Christie loved swimming at Beacon Cove,

which at the turn of the century was for ladies only,

despite being overlooked by the Yacht Club!



10 Imperial Hotel




This resort hotel was opened in 1866 as the very first large hotel in Torquay.
Christie was a frequent visitor attending parties, tea dances, and dinners.


The hotel is known as a model of The Majestic Hotel and End House in Christie’s Novels.


More Attractive Spots in Torquay!!

Afternoon Tea with Devonshire Cream



One of Christie’s most favourite sweets is Devonshire cream.

She often enjoyed afternoon tea with Scones and Devonshire cream.



In Torquay, you can find a lot of cafes, which serve lovely Devonshire Cream

Afternoon Tea Set in traditional style!!




Changing Houses on the beach


Christie loved swimming.

She changed into bathing suits quickly in a small changing house

and spent hours in the beautiful sea with friends.

Of course, you can enjoy swimming on this comfortable beach

during summer as Christie did!!



Souvenirs from Torquay


You can find various Christie goods in canter of Torquay.

Besides Christie goods, handmade fudges are popular among tourists.






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