In summer of 2015, I was finally be able to visit

Hasegawa Machiko Art Museum!!

I am a huge fan of the greatest cartoonist,

Machiko Hasegawa and "Sazae san"

I was really happy when I reached the museum : )




“Hasegawa Machiko Art Museum” is located

in the Sakura-Shinmachi neighborhood of Setagaya-ku,

where the creator of Sazae-san lived from 1946 to her eternal rest in 1992.
The museum displays not only original drawings of Hasegawa’s work,

including Sazae-san, but also artwork collected

by Hasegawa and her sister Mariko.



At the the exit of Sakuramchi station,

Sazae san and Tara chan welcome you!!




After you go up the gentle hill with Isono family members,

you can find the museum!




Special exhibitions of this season was

Ms. Machiko Hasewa's original drawings of Sazae san.

How exciting!!




My favourite character, feline Tama.

Ohhh!!! Sooo cute!!!




This cameraman looked like one of

characters of Sazae san somehow.




Whole house of Sazae san family. Lovely house!!!




Souvenir picture

With friendly Sazae san & beautiful staff member

"Thank you very much!!"



You can take a souvenir picture with sazae san family

in front of the museum : )



You can see Sazae san family members

at various spots of  this area!!




About Machiko Hasegawa



Machiko Hasegawa (January 30th, 1920 - May 27th, 1992)

was one of the first female manga artists.
She started her own comic strip, “Sazae san” in 1946.
The story is about a cheerful housewife, Sazae and her family members.
The lovable characters are loved by people from various generations.

“Sazae san” became one of the most popular manga in Showa period.
The comic was turned into a dramatic radio in 1955

and a weekly animated series in 1969. The animation is still running.

Machiko Hasegwa received the People’s Honor Award in 1992.

She died of hurtful failure on May 27th, 1992, at the age of 72.





Sazae san fans must visit this museum!!

I want to come to here again!!


Thank you very much for visiting my site : )


Nessie Baker