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Hello!! Thank you for visiting our shop!!

We are selling various small articles and retro goods
mainly produced in Japan or Britain

such as Character Goods, Sanrio Character Goods,

Japanese Anime Character Goods, 
World Anime Character Goods,
Japanese Lucky Charms, Japanese Souvenirs,

Japanese Arts, Movie Goods and so on.


Character Goods



We are selling various characters goods mainly from Japan.
You can find lovely goods of Original animal characters !!



Penelope tete en l'air
Pink Drawstring Bag


Price: 8.20



Black Cat Cute Key Cap


Price: 6.20



Ninja Cat Nekokage
Cute Charm


Price: 12.20



Mofusand Cute Jaws Cat
Circle Compact Mirror


Price: 8.20



You can find more lovely character goods at our shop!!
Please check them out!!



SANRIO Character Goods



We are selling lovely Sanrio character goods.
Sanrio characters are world wide popular now and

Goods of Sanrio Characters are collectible!!



Bad Badtz-Maru
Mini Cosmetic Pouch


Price: 6.40




ID Card Holder


Price: 7.80



My Melody Die Cut
Pink Lip Stick Pouch


Price: 8.60



Pochacco Key Ring


Price: 8.20



Sanrio character Writing letter sets and Stickers

are popular goods at our shop.

Writing letter Set is 6.80

Sticker is 4.20


We are selling various Hello Kitty goods.
If you are Hello Kitty good collector, please visit our shop!!




Hello Kitty as Udon Chef
Ball Point Pen


Price: 12.60



Hello Kitty & Mimmy
2024 Schedule Notebook


Price: 9.80



Hello Kitty Stainless

Steel Spoon


Price: 9.20



Hello Kitty
Key Ring


Price: 8.20



You can find more lovely SANRIO character goods  and

Hello Kitty goods at our shop!!
Please find out!!



Japanese Anime Character Goods




We are selling various Japanese Anime character goods.
If you are fans of Japanese animation, please visit our shop!!




Keroro Sergeant Frog
Circle Playing Cards


Price: 6.40



Pocket Monsters
Masking Tape

Price: 6.20



Urusei Yatsura

Memo Notepads


Price: 7.80



Doraemon Mini
Cosmetic Pouch


Price: 8.20



You can find more lovely Japanese Anime character goods !!


Please find out!!



World Anime Character Goods




We are selling various Anime character goods.


Japanese Souvenirs & Charms


We are selling various Japanese charms, souvenirs

and Knickknacks at our shop!!




Japanese lucky charms are very collectible!!
Displaying Japanese lucky talisman will bring various fortunes

to you and your family!!




Japanese Bule Lucky Cat

Manekineko Netsuke


Price: 7.70



Japanese Red Torii
Amulet Fridge Magnet


Price: 12.20



Japanese Netsuke
Mini Ball Manekineko


Price: 7.20



Japanese Little Boy
Amulet for Study Fortune


Price: 12.20



You can find various souvenirs from Japan!!


Japanese Cute Sumo Wrestler Netsuke


Price: 12.60



 Black Cat Design
Red Fabric Book Cover

Price: 7.20



Japanese Symbolic Characters Magnets


Price: 10.80



Glass Dome Paperweight
Hokusai Art


Price: 14.20



If you are interested in Japanese lucky charms or souvenirs, please visit our shop!!
You can find lovely 
Japanese lucky charms

and attractive  Japanese Souvenirs!!



Japanese Arts



We are selling various Japanese arts at our shop

such as Art Postcards, Art Stickers, Art Greeting Cards and so on!!

Also, lovely original Japanese painting arts are sold!!




Katsushika Hokusai Art
Mt. Fuji Origami Papers


Price: 5.20



Kyoto Geisha Girl
4 Postcards


Price: 3.40



Kabuki Performers
6 Postcards


Price: 6.20



Mount Fuji & SAKURA

3-D Greeting Card


Price: 4.60



You can find more attractive Japanese arts.
Please check them out!!



Movie Goods


We are also selling some  Movie Goods at our shop!!




Doctor Who
Double Egg Holder


Price: 15.20



Captain America:
Civil War
Movie Flyer


Price: 4.60



Miniature Sofa


Price: 17.20



Star Wars Episode VII

Movie Flyer


Price: 4.60





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