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Our shop "Redraig Vintage World" 

are selling lovely Antique & Vintage Goods

from Various countries such as Japan, China, Britain,

America, Australia, various European Countries

and various South Asian Countries at






Japanese Vintage & Antique Goods




Aritayaki Ware
Little Blue Bowl Plate

Price: 15.20



Heart Shaped Cobalt Blue
Trinket Box

Price: 16.40



Gold Flying Dragon

Little Lucky Charm

Price: 10.20



Hexagonal Tea Leaf Holder

Price: 16.00



Heart Shaped Mini Plate
Historical Design

Price: 15.20



Little Kimono Girl

Pottery Figurine

Price: 15.80



Wooden Lacquered
Trinket Box

Price: 18.90



Sumi-e Bamboo Art

Price: 14.20



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trinket box


Chinese Vintage & Antique Goods




Cloisonne Floral
Trinket Box

Price: 30.20



Wooden Egg Shaped
Twin Trinket Boxes

Price: 18.20



Cloisonne Trinket Box
Panda Design

Price: 24.20



Flower Patterned
Rabbit Figurine

Price: 18.20



Red Pin Cushion
with 8 Boy Dolls

Price: 25.30



Marble Boast Design
Decorative Plate

Price: 25.50



Abalone Art Inlay

Black Trinket Box

Price: 23.40



Rectangle Little Vase
Blue View Design

Price: 17.60



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owl figurine

British Antique & Vintage Goods




IOW Teapot Shaped
Money Box

Price: 15.20



Wooden Hanging Board
Owl Painting Art

Price: 20.20



Royal Worcester
Floral Napkin Holder

Price: 16.30



Royal Crown Derby
Floral Napkin Rings

Price: 18.30



Purple Daisy Design
Black Pill Box

Price: 16.80



Two Bunny Design
Mini Desk Ornament

Price: 12.20



Swan Couple Engraved Pewter Paperweight

Price: 16.30



Pig Shaped
Cork Screw

Price: 17.30



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Normandie Plague

European Antique & Vintage Goods



Bulgarian Little Woman
Peg Doll Perfume Holder

Price: 16.30



Dutch Delft Blue
Cat & Mouse Figurine

Price: 16.20



French Bonsecours Rouen
Little Floral Vase

Price: 18.20



La Reine Limoges
Miniature  Plate

Price: 10.20



German Hard Wood Trinket Box

Price: 18.20



Greek Mythology Design
Pink Vase

Price: 17.80



Greek Little

Fragrance Jar

Price: 17.20



French Squash Shaped Blue Vase

Price: 21.20



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Vietnamese compact mirror


Vintage Goods from

South Asian Countries & Africa


African Fruits Shape
Wooden Trinket Box

Price: 23.20


Bali Album made of
Coconut Skin and Leaves

Price: 18.70



Kashmir Papier Mache
Trinket Box

Price: 17.70



African Abony Wood
Owl Sculpture

Price: 25.20



Burmese Green Jade Auspicious Lion Mini Figurine

Price: 28.20



Thai Soapstone Vase
Elephant Design

Price: 16.20



Sri Lanka Mlesna
Elephant Shaped
Loose Tea Holder

Price: 16.20



Tunisian Clay Camel Figurine

Price: 18.20



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You can find more lovely Asian Vintage Goods

and African Vintage Goods!!



Vintage Goods from

America & Oceania


Aboriginal Globe
Desk Ornament

Price: 19.00


Koala Design Egg Shaped Wooden Ornament

Price: 15.60



Kalifano Globe

Price: 30.40



Pittsburg Stainless Steel Miniature Flask Key Ring

Price: 20.50


 Jamaican Coconut
Zipped Bag

Price: 21.40


Mexican Terracotta
Tribal Mask Ornament

Price: 20.40



American Whisky Rye
Label for Bottle

Price: 15.20



Peruvian Gourd Mascara
Tribal Man Doll

Price: 17.60



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You can find more lovely America Vintage Goods

and Oceania Vintage Goods!!





Our sister Shop

"Benyryu Art & Retro Shop"

has opened recently!!

You can find various character goods

mainly from Japan at the shop!!







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We are sorry to say that we cannot deliver items outside the UK currently.

Due to some recent big change of International postal service system

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We do apologize for this inconvenience.

We will try to make effort to start selling items to other countries again in the near future




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