The Isle of Wight

Photo Collection 2014

Part 3






Ventnor is a seaside resort and civil parish established in the Victorian era

on the south coast of the Isle of Wight, England.

It lies underneath St Boniface Down (which, at 241 metres (791 feet),

is the highest point on the Isle of Wight), and is built on steep slopes and cliffs leading down to the sea.

The higher part is referred to as Upper Ventnor (although officially it is Lowtherville);

the lower part, where most of the amenities are located, being known as Ventnor.

Ventnor is sometimes understood as including the coastal villages of St. Lawrence

to one side and Bonchurch to the other.






Just after we arrived in Ventnor, a friendly cow cat welcomed us!







A very cute fox appeared at seaside road and attracted many tourists.





Ohhh!! The View is breath-taking!!






Afternoon Tea

with Lovely Sweets





In the island, there are many traditional cafes, which serve lovely cream afternoon Tea sets.

Scones with Cream and seasonal fruits really go great with a hot cup of tea!!

If you want to get tasty sweets in reasonable at price,

"Iceland" is one of good places!

Strawberry Trifle Cheesecake is worth trying!!

The cafe at Garden Centre "Busy Bee" is a lovely spot to enjoy afternoon tea!

A variety of attractive cakes are served here!

At the farmers market in Newport, we constantly buy Mrs. Twins's lovely handmade cakes.

Her handmade apple cake and chocolate cake are marvellous!!






Shanklin is a popular seaside resort and civil parish on the Isle of Wight,

England, located on the east coast's Sandown Bay.

The sandy beach, its Old Village and a wooded ravine, Shanklin Chine, are its main attractions.

The esplanade along the beach is occupied by hotels and restaurants for the most part,

and is one of the most tourist-oriented parts of the town.

The other is the Old Village, at the top of Shanklin Chine.






Old Village



Old Village is the most attractive spot in Shanklin to me!

It is said that the atmosphere of this area hasn't been changed since Victorian era.

The historical styled houses in this areas are cafes, pubs or souvenir shops now.


Film Show

on the Beach



Extraordinary travelling film show was held at the Ryde beach!

We enjoyed “JAWS” on a (so-so) big screen.

 Despite we already had watched this film countless time,

we could feel so excited, and I couldn’t look straight at the scene of Robert Shaw’s terrible last.

Any sharks haven’t appeared around the Isle of Wight

but even so, we couldn’t feel like closing to the beach next day.













Newport is a civil parish and a county town of the Isle of Wight,

an island off the south coast of England.







International Classic

Car Show




Every September, the famous Isle of Wight, Charity Classic Car Event

is held at Newport Quay and Ryde Esplanade.
You can enjoy various classic vehicles from all over the UK, Europe,

and USA. We even saw some Japanese cars!!

Elvis's treasured Car





Friendly Car Owners : )

One of them owned a Japanese Classic Car.

Hope we'' see again maybe at the show of the next year!!







Our Cats

Salem & Samantha





This is my favourite rest place!!


Ummm... These slippers are a little too big to me!!


Salem sometimes becomes a wild cat!!



Our cats are interested in i Pod games!!








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