The Isle of Wight

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On Nessie's XXth Birthday, we visited a lovely seaside town, Yarmouth.

Yarmouth is a town, port and civil parish in the western part of the Isle of Wight,

off the southern coast of mainland England.

The town is named for its location at the mouth of the small Western Yar river

(there is also an Eastern Yar on the island).

Yarmouth is a crossing point for the river, originally with a ferry,

replaced with a road bridge in 1863.




Yarmouth Castle




Yarmouth Castle is a small off-square blockhouse built by Henry VIII in 1547,

to guard Yarmouth harbour on the Isle of Wight. It is about 30 metres long,

including its yard and its large platform on the seaside, which carried the heavier armament.








Yarmouth Pier





You can find names of local celebrities on the pier.








There are a lot of lovely cafes and pubs in centre of the town.



We enjoyed Cream Afternoon Tea at a lovely cafe.



The owner of the cafe was so friendly.



We want to come here again.

Maybe on my next birthday too!!








Ryde is a British seaside town and civil parish,

and the most populous urban area on the Isle of Wight,

with a population of about 32,250. It lies on the north-east coast.

The town grew in size as a seaside resort after the villages of Upper Ryde

and Lower Ryde were merged in the 19th century.

The influence of this era is still strongly visible in the town's central and seafront architecture.
As a resort, the town is noted for its expansive sands,

which are revealed at low tide, making its pier necessary

on the wide beach for a regular passenger service.


Stylish Boat houses






When opened the gate of the seaside, the wave welcomes me.





We often enjoyed Doughnuts with hot coffee at this small square next to Ryde Pier.






Appley Tower




Appley Tower is a sort of symbol of Ryde Esplanade.

Designed by local architect Thomas Hellyer,

Appley Tower was built in the early 1870s to provide

the ladies of Sir William Hutt's Family with a diversion.

They could watch the comings and goings of the promenders

and the shipping in the Solent.




Ryde Pier




Ryde Pier is a listed structure,

and the fourth longest pier in the United Kingdom,

as well as the oldest.






Sunset views seen from Ryde Pier are really brilliant!!

The views must be gifts from the sky!!






It's relaxing to have lunch on the seaside bench.





While walking on Ryde Esplanade, you can enjoy various lovely sea views.








Super Moon


The Super Moon is waiting for us!!

Darren used a special lens to take the moon.

"Oh! I can see Moon patterns!!"




Totland Bay



August 1st is the day of our marriage anniversary.

This year, we visited Totland Bay to celebrate our 11th anniversary.

Totland Bay is a bay on the west coast of the Isle of Wight, England.

It lies to the west of the village of Totland from which it takes its name.

It faces north west and its shoreline is 4km in length

and is made up of a straight west facing coast

which has a beach, concrete seawall, groynes and pier

and a straight north facing rocky coastline.



Headon Warren


The bay is best viewed from Headon Warren or anywhere along the concrete seawall.

The Isle of Wight Coastal Path runs along the seawall from Warden Point to Widdick Chine.



The Needles


The Needles is a row of three distinctive stacks of chalk

that rise out of the sea off the western extremity of the Isle of Wight, UK, close to Alum Bay.

The Needles Lighthouse stands at the outer, western end of the formation.

Built in 1859, it has been automated since 1994.



Artillery Battery


In military organizations, an artillery battery is a unit of guns, mortars,

rockets or missiles so grouped in order to facilitate better battlefield communication

and command and control, as well as to provide dispersion

for its constituent gunnery crews and their systems.
The term is also used in a naval context to describe groups of guns on warships.




Beautiful White Roads


Gradations on the Cliff

Excellent Natural Art!!




Our Cats

Salem & Samantha





Our cats often occupy the couch in the living room!

"Hey! GET OUT!! I'll sit down there!!"

"Meow!! (No!!)"



Today is cold! We need to a blanket!!

Nessie "Hey!! That's my scarf!!"



Ummm... They sometimes look like dumplings!!







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