Darren & Nessie The Isle of Wight

Photo Collection 2014



Seaside in Winter




The year 2014 started with very stormy weather!!




Just after the stormy season, we found big ponds everywhere.






In the Isle of Wight, seas views look attractive even during cold winter.






Winter Rose




While walking around winter beach, we found a red rose.

She looked sturdy and postive.



I felt that she was saying to me

"No matter where you go, you can do anything if you believe yourself!!"






What a foggy day!!

Foggy views seen from Ryde pier were something exotic...




Osborne House




Osborne House is a former royal residence in East Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK.

The house was built between 1845 and 1851 for Queen Victoria

and Prince Albert as a summer home and rural retreat.

Prince Albert designed the house himself in the style of an Italian Renaissance palazzo.
They were searching for a home away from the stresses of court life.
Queen Victoria loved this house and the Isle of Wight with all her heart.


Various beautiful statues welcome you at Osborne House!










Swiss Cottage


Queen Victoria enjoyed sketching sea view at this rest place.

Her sketch technique was marvellous!



I feel that Queen Victoria is still here.





Historic Dockyard




Surrounded by the modern Royal Navy at work, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard embraces

three of the greatest warships ever built, Mary Rose, HMS Victory, and HMS Warrior 1860.
These magnificent ships, in combination with the historic buildings and docks, embody Britain’s naval history,

threaded together by the National Museum of the Royal Navy with ACTION STATIONS.




The Mary Rose




The Mary Rose was a carrack-type warship of the English Tudor navy of King Henry VIII.

The Mary Rose had no known career as a merchant vessel.

She was one of the largest ships in the English navy throughout more than three decades of intermittent war

and was one of the earliest examples of a purpose-built sailing warship.

She was armed with new types of heavy guns that could fire through the recently invented gun-ports.

After being substantially rebuilt in 1536, she was also one of the earliest ships that could fire a broadside,

although the line of battle tactics that employed it had not yet been developed.

Several theories have sought to explain the demise of the Mary Rose, based on historical records,

knowledge of 16th-century shipbuilding and modern experiments.

The precise cause of her sinking is still unclear, because of conflicting testimonies

and a lack of conclusive physical evidence.



The dog ound in Mary Rose.
This exhibition made me feel a little sad...
The dog has become one of symbol characters of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Bones of some victims of Mary Rose are exhibited.
They must have been strong and healthy men.






While cruising, you can enjoy watching various battleships from a variety of eras.



The Spinnaker Tower is a remarkable feat of engineering.







Various attractive exhibitions tell us what the Navy Life in each era looked like.








HMS Victory





HMS Victory is the Royal Navy's most famous warship.

Best known for her role in the Battle of Trafalgar,

the Victory currently has a dual role as the Flagship of the First Sea Lord and

as a living museum to the Georgian Navy.




Horatio Nelson





Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson, KB (29 September 1758 – 21 October 1805) 

was a British flag officer in the Royal Navy.

He was noted for his inspirational leadership and superb grasp of strategy and unconventional tactics,

which resulted in a number of decisive naval victories,

particularly during the Napoleonic Wars.

He was wounded several times in combat, losing one arm in the unsuccessful

attempt to conquer Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the sight in one eye in Corsica.

He was shot and killed during his final victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.



At National Museum of The Royal Navy, you can learn what Lord Nelson looked like.

Many portraits of him and his belongings are exhibited.



Lord Nelson one of my most favourite historical celebrities.


You can also learn about the Royal Navy since 1900

at the National Museum of the Royal Navy.




Our Cats

Salem & Samantha





John Carpenter's New Film, "Black Cat of the Damned"

Salem might have come from outer space!!


Oh! Hooked again!!



Our cats like vacuum cleaners!!??




The Isle of Flowers!




Various lovely flowers can be seen

for all season in the Isle of Wight.



Camellia Flowers can been seen at many churches in the island.

Camellia might be holy flowers here.



Full bloomed Daffodils tell us the beginning of Spring!






You can enjoy seasonal flowers at parks, on the roads, bus stations, at pavilions and so on.






In Japan, hydrangeas can be seen only around June,

but in the island, you ca enjoy beautiful hydrangeas

throughout the year except mid-winter.






Natural Views of

the Isle




While walking on Forrest road of Binstead, you can enjoy lovely natural views.




Fairy's chair!?



Quarr Abbey




On the Forrest Road, some farmers are sometimes selling fresh eggs.




Wootton Creek

My favourite Rest Area!



It is fun to find a traditional styled pub in this island!


Millennium bench??




Various birds come to the island from all over the world.

However, we haven't seen any birds at the bird watching spot yet....




Views of sunset are breath-taking!!





Our Cats

Salem & Samantha






Go to the World...!!


I need to reduce my weight in this way!!










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