About the Origami Class




At the class, I teach how to make Origami art works of

seasonal Lucky Flowers. It is enjoyable to make

Origami flowers and Origami Flower Art Cards!!







I also teach making Japanese traditional

Origami art works and Origami ornaments

for seasonal events.

I have a list of various Origami art works.

You can choose You can choose which Origami art work

you want to make from the list.





I basically teach a small group (1 to 7 students) at my home.

I welcome from one student!


Please let me know date and time

you want to have a class.

I will arrange the class for you!!



One class is an hour, an hour and a half

or two hours. You can choose your favourite length.



Besides making Origami art works, I always enjoy

talking to students about various subjects

with tea and sweets in the class : )


I also accept an offer from a big group.

I have visited some schools, churches, hospitals,

hospices, care houses, women institutes, girl scouts

so far to teach big groups.






Class Fee



Adult People:2.00 per class

Students:1.00 per class

Children ( Under 12 years old ):Free



Fee of materials (Origami Papers etc) is included




All money goes to the charity group







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