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Hello! I, Nessie Baker, was born and raised

in Shikoku, Japan, and now stays in the Isle of Wight!


In 1998, I came to the Isle of Wight as an intern

to introduce Japanese culture and traditions to students

at a high school in the Isle of Wight.

Thanks to kind members of the faculty,

energetic and cheerful students,

and warmhearted host family members,

I was able to have a great time during the training.




I really enjoyed teaching Japanese art forms to students,

mainly Origami, Shodo, the Tea Ceremony,

and Japanese traditional games.
This good experience made me positive

to introduce Japanese culture to people!





Even after I finished my training in the Isle of Wight,

I could have opportunities to teach Japanese art forms

through various groups such as Girl Scouts, Brownies,

Women’s Institutes, Sunday Schools and so on.





In 2013, I came to the Isle of Wight again

to stay for several years here.

As I walked around the island, the lovely memories of

1998 revived within me and I organized

my original Japan Culture Club to start teaching

Japanese art forms in this island again.

I have been enjoying making seasonal Origami

art works with many people since then : )





I am very looking forward to having a lovely time with you
through this Japan Culture Club!!







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